Corporate Policy

Ceerose has been operating since 1998, quietly building a substantive reputation in the property and construction industry. We are a dynamic and progressive organisation with ambitions to grow and become a significant participant in Australia’s major property markets. Ceerose has remained ahead of market trends, making intelligent business decisions and astute acquisitions by continually refining our business strategies.

Ceerose offers an integrated approach to contract construction projects and joint venture partnerships, developing relationships with clients and stakeholders to ensure we understand their evolving needs, with the objective of delivering optimal solutions for the project and our partner’s business interests. Our team of passionate, dynamic and entrepreneurial property professionals are in tune with market trends and have demonstrated ability to initiate and manage all types of development projects. They are highly educated, motivated and experienced. Our team is committed to achieving superior design solutions and robust economic returns.

Our Philosophy – Our People are Truly our Greatest Asset

The efficient corporate structure of Ceerose, together with our Integrated Management System (IMS), enables us to monitor our team’s performance against internal benchmarks and client’s goals, ensuring high levels of service and quality control throughout all aspects of our operations. We have established a number of principles to guide the organisation throughout its life cycle, irrespective of changes to our goals, strategies, type of work, management or organisational structure. Exceeding expectations, building relationships and providing opportunities for our people is key to our success.

Exceeding Expectations

Our clients have high expectations, and we distinguish ourselves by delivering more efficient cost-effective solutions, with a high level of professionalism. Our goal is always to deliver optimal solutions with minimum fuss, regardless of the type and size of project, and to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Building Relationships

By exceeding our client’s expectations, and our investor’s demands in the delivery of quality product, we develop long-term relationships that become successful partnerships. As we continue to deliver value and quality, our clients continue to engage Ceerose to build, and our investor’s continue to purchase stock in new projects.

Providing Opportunities

With established partnerships and long-term relationships, a solid foundation is provided to afford our employees opportunities for professional and financial growth. Ongoing education, professional training, a safe and nurturing working environment, and access to investment within the company each promote the longevity of human resources and the commitment of staff to our ongoing success.


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