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Building Sydney’s
Most Prestige Properties

Ceerose is a leading prestige building group that has won a reputation for delivering innovative and dynamic property developments in Sydney. Founded in 1998 through a comprehensive regional network throughout Australia, Ceerose has a proven track record in exceeding international benchmarks with its inspirational design and construction approach. Our team are specialists in Australia’s prestige property market, drawing on best practice principles, a wealth of knowledge, and true innovation to create residential, commercial, and retail property developments.

Our Three Key Philosophies:


Exceeding Expectations

With over a decade of solid experience, our construction builders are committed to building outstanding properties in Sydney’s prestige property market. By providing cost-effective solutions, with a high level of professionalism, we aim to meet our clients’ high expectations, regardless of the size and type of project.


Long-Term Relationships

Ceerose is founded on the strength of our relationships. Our dedication to exceeding our clients’ ambitions and expectations has enabled us to develop long-term relationships, which transform into successful partnerships. Through the continual refining of our business strategies, we have positioned ourselves as market leaders, offering an integrated approach to property development and construction projects.


Opportunity Driven

Having established partnerships and long-term relationships, our stakeholders, including construction builders, are given the opportunity for professional and financial growth. As an opportunity driven company, we endeavour to invest in our employees’ expertise, encompassing all facets of design and construction.

To work with a prestige property group with a proven track record of completing successful projects in Sydney,

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