Joe Khattar

Congratulations Edward, on the announcement of you receiving an Award in the National High Rise Apartment Building. Well done and earned. To be recognized for excellence is quite an honour, and rewards do not come without sweat and hard work but when they are achieved on quality and workmanship, as you have shown in your projects, it cannot be left unnoticed. It gives us enormous satisfaction to hear about the success of Ceerose. To say the least, we are very proud of your recent Award which comes within a month of the Business Award presentation of the Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce. Distribution of awards are given only to worthy recipients who work with honesty and integrity, as you have done. Being acknowledged for projects which you have enjoyed building, from the beginning of the project until the end, is a very proud moment. The ALCC takes enormous pride in searching for achievers, and it is excellent to see Ceerose to be recognized for completion of stylish projects. To you, Rima and the team players at Ceerose, we wish you all the best for the future, and I hope that you will have many more opportunities in fulfilling your dreams.