Purchases at Harbour Mill

Dear Ceerose Team,
After having spent a few nights in our new home in Harbour Mill, we would like to extend a huge thank you to all of you for this fantastic building and apartment.  We are really enjoying living here and so glad to be here for Christmas.  You have exceeded our (very high) expectations – the apartment is fantastic and much more spacious than we thought. It seems bigger than the display unit.  The view over Wentworth Park and Glebe is terrific.  Our baby loves watching light rail trams and planes in the distance. The balcony is impressive and so big we can dine outside.  We have always lived facing East and now we are facing West, and I must say we like West better as it is so fresh in the morning and sunsets are beautiful.  The rooms are spacious, the bathroom is nice and the laundry works well even though it is combined with the bathroom.  Even the kitchen island is bigger than the display unit was. We never thought that any developer could deliver a better or at least the same product as display / what is promised. Ceerose has done just that.  Thank you